Thursday 18 January 2024

A Question About How Best To Present The Palatinate WSS Flags...

I have a sheet of flags of the Palatinate in the War of the Spanish Succession which I created for a commission back in 2013. The whole sheet is too big to put on the blog at a decent resolution. So, the question is: Do I ask people to email me so I can email them back the full size sheet? Or do I split it up into smaller sections and post it gradually on the blog? The latter option will be much slower! I look forward to hearing opinions...

And this is a low resolution snapshot of the sheet:

Flags of Denmark in the War of the Spanish Succession: Prince Carl's Regiment

First raised 1657.

One battalion was in English pay and service 1689-1697.

1695 renamed Prince Carl's Regiment.

In the WSS it consisted of three battalions (each of six companies) and one grenadier company. One battalion was in Austrian pay and service and two in British.

The single battalion in Austrian pay served in Northern Italy from 1701-2 and fought in the battle of Luzzara in August 1702. Heavy losses led to the battalion being merged with parts of two other Danish units in 1703.

The two battalions in British pay served in Holland from 1701. In 1702 they took part in the siege and capture of Liège. In July 1704 they joined Marlborough's army in Bavaria and were placed under the command of Prince Eugène. In August that year they fought at the battle of Blenheim and then in the autumn were at the sieges of Trarbach and Saarburg.

In May 1706 they fought at Ramillies (where these flags may have been captured) and then were at the sieges of Antwerp, Ostend, Menin, Ath, Dendermonde and Oudenarde.

They were at the siege of Tournai in 1709 and fought at Malplaquet in September that year.

They were repatriated to Denmark in 1713.

And this may have been the uniform in the WSS:

Sunday 14 January 2024

Flags of Denmark in the War of the Spanish Succession: The King's Lifeguard of Foot

I have been working on some Danish flags of the early 18th century as a small thank you for a splendid gift of two part-painted Crimean War armies and the chap is happy for me to put them on my blog so this is the first.

Danish troops fought extensively against the forces of Louis XIV between 1688 and 1715. As a relatively poor country Denmark relied on subsidies from its richer allies like Britain and the Netherlands.

Den Kongelige Livgarde (til Fods) (The King's Lifeguard of Foot) was first raised in 1658 by Frederick 3rd. It had 18 musketeer companies and two grenadier companies. There were 3 battalions, each of six musketeer companies.

One battalion of the Guards served in Ireland in 1688-1690 with the forces of William III. The first battalion was in the service of the Netherlands and Great Britain from 1701-1714 at a strength of 7 companies of around 740 men total.

The flag shown here is from the Triomphes Louis XIV and was apparently captured at Ramillies 1706.

And the uniform was something like this in the WSS: