Tuesday 7 November 2023

French Infantry In Canada Project: Flags of French Infantry Regiment Cambis

This is the last of my French In Canada infantry flags.

First raised in Sicily in 1676 (as VIVONNE). 2 battalions strong in 1756. Ranked 62nd.

These were the flags in 1756 (it is not entirely clear but I think they may have remained the same from at least 1688):

Service history:
1676: Naval combat of Palermo; taking of Merilli and Taormino
1677: Left for France
1678: Army of Flanders; sieges of Gand and Ypres
1688; Became Regiment THIANGES
1689: Capture of Philipsbourg, Manheim and Franckenthal
1689: Defence of Bonn
1691: Army of Piémont; capture of Villefranche, Montalban, Sant'Ospizio, Nice, Veilane, Carmagnola and Montmélian
1692: Army of Flanders; battle of Steenkerque
1693: battle of Neerwinden and siege of Charleroi
1694 and 1695: in Germany
1696 and 1696: On the Meuse
1701: Army of Flanders

1702: became MORTEMART; combat of Nimegue and defence of Kaiserswerth
1703: Combat of Eckeren
1705: Army of the Moselle
1707: Army of the Rhine; capture of the Lines of Stolhofen and conquest of the Palatinate
1708: Army of Flanders; battle of Oudenarde
1709: Battle of Malplaquet
1710: Defence of Douai
1711: Combat of Arleux
1712 Became LAVAL; battle of Denain; capture of Marchiennes, Douai, Le Quesnoy and Bouchain
1713: Sieges of Landau and Fribourg At Fribourg the two companies of grenadiers intercept a sortie and all the grenadiers are killed except for four; the colonel has his jaw smashed.

1729: became TONNAY-CHARENTE
1731: became ROCHECHOUART

1733: Siege of Kehl
1734: Attack on the Lines of Ettlingen; siege of Philipsbourg
1735: Combat of Klausen

1741: Army of Flanders
1743: Army of the Lower Rhine; battle of Dettingen (where the colonel M. le Duc de Rochechouart-Mortemart is killed)
1743: Became LAVAL
1744: Retaking of the Lines of Lauter; combat of Suffelsheim; siege of Fribourg
1745: Capture of Kronembourg; moved to the Army of Flanders; combat of Mesle; capture of Gand
1746: Battle of Rocoux
1747: Conquest of Dutch Flanders; siege of Bergen op Zoom
1748: Siege of Maastricht
1749: Became CAMBIS; regiment of ESCARS absorbed to become the 2nd battalion

1756: Minorca Expedition; Captain Monvert lands first with 60 volunteers; siege of Mahon
1757: On the coast of Brittany
1758: The 2nd battalion in Canada is captured at Louisbourg and taken to England, and is exchanged in 1759
1760: Naval expedition of Captain Thurot to Ireland; the detachment of the regiment captured at sea but later repatriated
1762: Expedition to Portugal and siege of Almeida

1762 10th December absorbed into Regiment Royal

And this was the uniform in 1756 (with its most unusual mixing of pewter and copper buttons):