Tuesday 5 October 2021

A speculative update on the last probable Leibfahne; 3 possible company flag variants of that flag

 Here are three possible company flag variants of that last Leibfahne; they are all quite feasible colour schemes and, in this area where we know far too little, these flags extend the possibilities and give "added value". ;-)

Monday 4 October 2021

Flag of yet another unknown Austrian regiment of Charles VI, as probably carried in the 1740s by the army of Maria Theresa

This is one from my new source. I imagine that it is probably a Leibfahne as the background of the sheet is white. Many of the earlier flags do not seem to have used the Madonna figure as became standardised later, although some did. The eagle on the original is very crude so, although I have kept to its shape and style, I have "improved" it somewhat.

I did think of adding a couple of variants of this one with different coloured backgrounds rather than white; would that be a bit too ImagiNations-ish, though? I'll be interested to hear comments...