Tuesday 15 December 2020

Flags of French Regiment Angoumois

As the lengthy texts of the Prussian flags are still taking time to complete here is another French set to keep things ticking over - and with another mercifully short text to accompany it. ;-) (As I know I have said ad nauseam, I do very much like the French flags and so they have become something of a speciality of mine - and this is also a somewhat unusual design.)

Angoumois first raised 1684. One battalion strong in the Seven Years War. Ranked 75th.

These flags were carried from 1684-1791.

The regiment was very active in the War of the Spanish and the War of the Austrian Succession (and the flags carried were identical to these) but had a rather quieter Seven Years War.

At the beginning of the SYW Angoumois was sent to America. Throughout the war it was split between Louisiana and St Domingo. By an ordinance of 10th December 1762 the regiment was attached to the service of ports and colonies and spent the next four years in Louisiana. It returned to France in 1766.

 And this is the uniform during the SYW: