Thursday 7 April 2022

Flags of French regiments disbanded 1749: Flags of French Regiment Gâtinais

This will possibly be the start of another mini-project, as part of the overall plan to do probably just about every French infantry flag from the 17th to the 18th centuries, if I live long enough. As was true of so many countries, the variety of French flags diminished as the 18th century wore on. Many of the War of the Spanish Succession flags are wonderfully psychedelic and unusual; the flags of the regiments disbanded at the end of the War of the Austrian Succession are also mostly unusual designs, no longer used by the French army after that date. I find the WAS more and more appealing, although I am sorry that the Austrian army was so much less effective in that war than in the Seven Years' War!

The flags of Gâtinais are often depicted with the diagonal designs as pointed triangles but the 1721 MS shows them as here. I trust the 1721 MS as a probably more authentic version of these flags. I would be interested to hear if anyone has evidence to the contrary.

The following summary of the regiment's history is from Susane, Volume 8:

Gâtinais was first raised October 1692. Only one battalion strong for much of its existence.

    1693 : Army of Italy, Battle of Marsaglia (4th October))
    1695 : Army of Catalonia
    1697 : Siege of Barcelona
    1701 : Army of Germany, then to the Army of Italy; battle of Chiari
    1702 : Defence of Cremona, battle of Luzzara, taking of Luzzara, Guastalla, and Borgoforte
    1703 : Battles of Stradella and Castelnuovo; expedition to Tyrol; taking of Asti
    1704 : Sieges of Verceil, Ivrée and Verrue
    1705 : Taking of Mirandola; battle of Cassano (16th August))
    1706 : Siege and battle of Turin (14th May); battle of Calcinato (19th May)
    1707 : Defence of Toulon
    1708 : Dauphiné, attack on Cézanne
    1708 - 1712 : Remained in the Alps
    1713 : Army of Roussillon
    1714 : Siege of Barcelona
    1733 : Army of Germany; siege of Kehl (13th-29th October)
    1734 : Battle of Ettlingen, siege of Philippsbourg (2nd June to 18th July)
    1735 : Battle of Klausen
    1744 : Army of the Alps; Conquest of Nice; siege and battle of Coni (30th September)
    1746 : Battle of Tidone
    1747 - 1748 : Defence of Provence
    In garrison at Toulon and Saint Tropez up to the Peace of 1748
    10th February 1749 : became the 2nd battalion of Lorraine and the grenadiers sent to the Grenadiers     de France

And this, as far as I can tell, was probably the uniform in the WAS. The various volumes of the Abregé De La Carte Générale Du Militaire De France from the 1730s do not specify the pocket detail or numbers of buttons on the cuff or pockets. Rousselot depicts them from 1720-1736 as shown here so in the absence of any other authorities I have chosen to do so too. Again, if anyone has better information, please do let me know in the comments below!