Saturday 10 July 2021

Flags of French Regiment Royal Cantabres, originally Volontaires Cantabres

Royal Cantabres began life as Volontaires Cantabres. It was first raised December 15th 1745 as a light infantry unit in the Basque region. It was initially a battalion of around 500 but was increased to around 1600 infantrymen and 300 hussars, with 2 cannon, in 1747. It campaigned in Flanders in the WAS and was at  the siege of Brussels and the battle of Rocoux in 1746. The unit was much reduced in numbers in 1748 then disbanded in 1749 leaving a small unit of 4 companies. It took the title of Cantabres-Volontaires in 1749. The four company unit took part in the French attack on Minorca in 1756 then became one regular battalion 8th July 1757 as Royal Cantabres. It was stationed in Auch in 1757 and then joined Soubise's Army of the Lower Rhine in 1761. In 1762 it was part of the French expeditionary force sent to Spain for the intended invasion of Portugal. 112th in the army list SYW. Disbanded 25th November 1762. (There is much more detail in the Kronoskaf page on this unit.)

And this was the uniform in 1757 (from the 1757 MS) although I have missed off some strange addition to the tricorne which is impossible to interpret on the MS drawing:



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2 sheets of British late 17th century and early 18th century infantry flags, suitable for WSS

Yes, I know it's not SYW ;-) but - I have available 2 A4 sheets of British infantry flags which I did for a friend ages ago. They are too big to put on the blog but if you leave a message below (with an email address, heavily disguised to avoid spamming) or send me a message by my Contact Form (left side of the blog) I shall email the sheets to you.

Low-resolution snapshots here: