Thursday 30 March 2023

And one further flag of Charles VI as carried by the army of Maria Theresa in the 1740s - now with Leibfahnen!

I have been asked in the comments by Der Alte Fritz for a speculative Leibfahne to go with this flag from the Triomphes Louis XV. So, here are two! I rather enjoy the chance to go all ImagiNations... ;-)


Sunday 26 March 2023

Speculative Ordinairfahne of Hungarian Regiments Raised 1741-2

As I have not been able to post anything for two weeks and as it is my 68th birthday today, I thought I had better post something to keep things ticking over here.

Luckily I have a little something that does not require much text. (I have a big backlog of flags waiting for their texts to be written.)

This is my speculative version of the Ordinairfahne of Hungarian regiments raised 1741-2. All we know is that the base colour was red. No other design details are known but it is highly likely that the flags followed what we think of as the classic Austrian  flag design of the reign of Maria Theresa.

S. Summerfield in his Austrian Infantry of the Seven Years War (2nd Edition) lists the following six Hungarian regiments as having been raised in 1741: IR2 Erzherzog Karl; IR31 Haller; IR32 Forgách; IR33 Nicolaus Esterházy; IR37 Josef Esterházy; and IR52 Bethlen. So any (or all) of these could carry this red flag in the WAS.

I must also finish and post the 1741 version of the Leibfahne; I have not yet been able to complete the Madonna figure on the flag to my satisfaction...