Thursday 9 August 2012

Flags of French Béarn Infantry Regiment - French infantry in Canada series No.7

And finally, the last of the French (regular) infantry in Canada flag series.

First raised 1684, the 2 battalion infantry regiment Béarn supplied its 2nd battalion for the war in Canada. It arrived in 1755. It was at the capture of Oswego in 1756; the capture of Fort William Henry in 1757; the victory of Ticonderoga 1758; the siege of Quebec and battles of Montmorency and the Plains 1759; the surrender of Fort Niagara 1760 (detachment); the victory of Ste. Foy and siege of Quebec 1760; and finally surrendered with the others at Montreal on the 8th September 1760, where the colours were all burned to prevent capture. The captured battalion returned to France in 1760 and the regiment was disbanded on the 25th November 1762. Only the ordonnance flag  as depicted here was carried in Canada.