Thursday 1 December 2022

How To Resize and Print My Flags Without Losing Resolution And Detail

I had a request recently on advice for resizing and printing my flags so thought I'd pass on the advice I gave to others who may find it useful. I suggest getting hold of the free Open Source Libre Office suite of programs and using the Draw program within it, which is a vector drawing program. Drop the flags into a page in that program and you can resize them for printing without losing detail. DO NOT resize them in a bitmap program like Paint as you will reduce the number of pixels and badly affect the quality of the flags! If anyone needs further advice or help, send me a message via my Contact form (left column) and I'll do what I can to help. Or simply post a comment to this posting and I'll reploy below, as your query and the reply might help others...

Sunday 27 November 2022

Flags of Spanish Infantry Regiment Córdoba 1728-1768

First raised as a tercio in 1566. It saw much action in various conflicts in the 16th and 17th centuries. Much service in Spain in the War of the Spanish Succession including the battle of Almansa 1707, the battle of Gudiña 1709, the battle of Torrero 1710 and many sieges. Sent to Estremadura at the end of the war.

Flags carried from 1728-1768.

1718-1720 it fought in Sicily against the Austrians, capturing and defending Messina and capitulating there. It then defended Palermo, again having to capitulate to the Austrians.

Att he beginning of the War of the Austrian Succession it was involved in the invasion of Piedmont. It fought an action at Aigueville in 1743. In 1744 was involved in actions that led to the capture of Monte-Albano, Villefranche and Nice. It then crossed the Alps with Castelar's Corps and its grenadiers took the position at Planches. It was then at the capture of Dermont and blockade of Conti. In 1745 it was part of the force attempting to expel the Austrians from Oneglia, then took part in the siege and capture of Piacenza in July. The first battalion joined Aramburu's Corps and took part in the successful battle of Bassignano on September 27th. In 1746 it retreated with the Spanish army across the Po River towards Nice. In 1747 the regiment defended Genoa against Austrian attacks. At the peace in 1748 it was sent to Nice.

In 1749 it returned to Barcelona then was sent as garrison to Ceuta. There in 1753 it made a successful sortie against the besieging Moroccans to cover the sappers who attacked the Moroccan fortifications. After the sortie the Moroccans abandoned the siege.

In the Seven Years War the regiment moved to Cádiz in 1756. When war broke out with Portugal in 1762 the regiment's role was limited to protection of the frontier.

[Information summarised from the Kronoskaf entry on the regiment.]

And this was the uniform in 1759: