Saturday, 10 April 2010

Saxon Invalid or Garrison Company of Waldheim

The Saxon Invalid or Garrison Company of Waldheim, 176 strong in September 1756, was one of the garrison units captured at Pirna (see previous entry). Waldheim is an attractive small town with a castle and former monastery in central Saxony, rather knocked about in the 30 Years War, sacked and pillaged by the Prussians in 1761 and also the scene of some activity in the Napoleonic Wars, when it was occupied by the French and the bridge destroyed.

Leatherwork was straw coloured, and as well as musket and bayonet the troops carried a pallasch-style sword with a black scabbard. The uniquely Saxon lapelled-style of waistcoat is speculative, as the description of this uniform is a verbal one from Schirmer via Pengel and Hurt and does not specifically describe the pattern of waistcoat.


Stokes Schwartz said...

Hello there David,

Funny how a relatively plain uniform looks so good. I might just have to paint up a 20-strong company of infantry in this one!

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David said...

Hi Stokes,

Thanks for commenting. I rather like the simple and elegant uniforms too (and they're a lot easier to produce... ;-)).

Oh yes - you should certainly have some militia or garrison troops (or even invalids) like these. :-)

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David said...

P.S. Hi Stokes,

For some strange reason my previous comment is not showing up on the blog at times - very odd. Hope you've seen it, anyway.



Peter said...


I just discovered, although I'm a follower, your blog didn't show on mine in the "inspiration" section. This should be corrected now. I'm going through your postings like a man possessed trying to identify all Spencer Smith units I acquired recently.


David said...

Thanks, Pjotr. :-)

Good luck with identifying the SS figures - I've still some way to go to be comprehensive on the SYW uniforms but there is a good variety there now. Now I'm back in the saddle again I'll be adding more very soon (Saxon militia added this evening!).

I've been enjoying your blog posts too - sorry I haven't been commenting much though. Will try harder! The Easter box post was a very entertaining one.