Sunday, 11 April 2010

Saxon Henneberg Militia 1756; militiaman

The County of Henneberg was a detached part of Saxony well to the west in Franconia. As it was so isolated the inhabitants were expected to raise militia companies for their own defence; they were probably first raised in 1730 and disbanded in 1756.

Other ranks (in white with blue facings, shown here) had straw-coloured leatherwork with brass fittings and the usual musket and bayonet. They wore long grey stockings, not gaiters. Again, the Saxon-style lapelled waistcoat is speculative as the verbal description from Schirmer via Pengel and Hurt does not specify.


  1. This is right in the middle of "my" area in Imagi-Europa. I may have to co-opt this color scheme as I continue adding to the Sachsen-Wachsenstein forces.


  2. Hi Jim,

    Thanks for commenting; glad you like it. :-) It's rather a handsome, elegant and striking uniform, I think, so I'm sure your troops would look good in it.




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