Sunday, 29 September 2019

Prussian Flags Project; Any point in continuing?

Well, I'm back after a long hiatus! Life and all that... Anyway, I wonder if there is any point in continuing with the Prussian Flags Project as that last flag attracted zero comments. Any thoughts from anyone?


Independentwargamesgroup said...

I think any blogger sometimes feels they are 'talking'to themselves. Perhaps because of the long hiatus followers simply stopped following. Personally I find your site a work of art.

David said...

Thanks for the comment and for the compliment! I appreciate it. You may well be right. I'll wait and see if there is interest in my continuing the Prussian flag series. No point in producing them without an audience for them!

As you no doubt find, writing very regular blog entries is a lot of effort; life can easily get in the way.

Ray Rousell said...

It'd be very sad if you stopped 80(

MurdocK said...

Hello David, I see your site as something of a historical record study in a very narrow art form.

One that has much color and history, yet due to the narrow band of focus may have less numerous following.

For now.

That is the wonderful thing about what we have been documenting here.

Once you have a fully finished line, might I recommend a book?

David said...

Hi Ray, Thanks. I hope and plan to continue - it's just a matter of deciding what route to take from now on. I'm giving it plenty of thought!

David said...

Thanks for your thoughts, MurdocK. Yes, I'm sure you're right; it is a very narrow little world I've chosen to work within here! As I said to Ray (above) I'm trying to work out where to go with it but am not thinking of stopping altogether.

A book of some sort is certainly a possibility, although, having just edited, and sorted the illustrations for, a manuscript left by my late PhD supervisor which was recently published, and being in the middle of working on a second, I'm a bit wary of publishers at the moment. Dealing with them can be a rather bruising experience!

Thanks again.

Martin said...

I have found your efforts to be a great source of information and inspiration. If you can see a way to go forward, I would be grateful. A book... or a pamphlet, might be a practical way to expand your audience, be less work intensive in the long run, and maybe put some jingle in your pocket.

All The Best,


Ed said...


Your work is outstanding and I appreciate it but have been remiss in not telling you so. I (selfishly) hope you continue but wish you the best whatever you decide.


David said...

Thanks for your comments, Martin. I'm glad you've found the blog useful and even inspiring. I am thinking a great deal about where to go with this and certainly hope to continue in some form. It's a matter of deciding what! Publication of some sort is a possibility, although these days printed material tends to struggle in the face of the deluge of material in digital form. Anyway, thanks again.

David said...

Thanks very much for your encouragement, Ed. I do indeed hope and plan to continue with the blog; as I say, it is more about the direction to take from here!

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

I think I always update blog with the expectation it is only me who enjoys it.. safer that way.. always a pleasant surprise then, when someone leaves a comment.. :o)

David said...

Thanks for your thoughts, Steve. That's a good mindset if you can achieve it! My problem is that the blog was set up from the beginning to supply flags and figure templates for wargamers, and I felt that the currency by which I was paid for the effort was comments. If I had no comments I felt that no-one was probably very interested, so felt little inclination to post. I'm sure your way of thinking about it works better... ;-)