Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Rossbach Prussian Flags Project - Flags of Prussian Infantry Regiment 5 von Braunschweig

Here's the next set of flags in the continuing Rossbach Prussian flags project - IR 5 von Braunschweig.

First raised 1655. Lieutenant General Duke Ferdinand of Brunswick was Chef of the regiment from 1755-1766. The regiment fought well at Lobositz 1756 and the king awarded its officers 3 Pour Le Merite medals for the action. It was highly distinguished in the battle of Rossbach 1757. Losses were low, although the regimental commander Colonel Johann Christoph von Prignitz was killed. The king gave its officers 15 Pour Le Merite medals for Rossbach "because of their particular bravery and good conduct shown in the last battle". IR 5 fought at Leuthen 1757. At Hochkirch 1758 it formed part of the rearguard that protected the retreating army. It suffered fairly heavy casualties at Kunersdorf 1759. At Liegnitz 1760 it contributed to the counter attack that threw the Austrians back over the Katzbach. It suffered heavy casualties at Torgau 1760, mostly from enemy artillery on the Süptitz heights. It was one of Frederick's most reliable regiments and always fought with the King's army.

And this is the uniform of a musketeer of IR 5 in the Seven Years War:


GH said...

Glad you are back. Really nice illustrations

captbill said...

Sir David, So glad to see you continuing. Best regards...Bill

David said...

Thanks, GH. Glad you like them! More to come soon...

David said...

Thanks, Bill. Hope all's well with you. I'm working on more for the blog now so I'll be posting again soon. :-)

Simmy said...

io ho scaricato anni fa, tutte le tue splendide bandiere francesi, e le tue uniformi. Mi complimento con te per questo nuovo progetto, mi piace che hai deciso di proseguirlo.

I downloaded all your beautiful French flags and your uniforms some years ago. I congratulate you on this new project. I like that you have decided to continue it.
Very good

David said...

Thanks, Simmy. I'm glad you've enjoyed what I've done. Have you used my French flags with your wargames troops? If so, I'd like to see pictures, please, if possible.

More Prussian flags and uniforms to come soon!