Saturday, 23 June 2007

New - Prussian Foot Jäger Template

And here is the first of the Prussians - one of the Feldjäger zu Fuss (wiped out rather ignominiously at Spandau in 1760. Perhaps they had a problem clumping around in those heavy boots?). There's an amusing anecdote about Old Fritz which illustrates his dislike of these sort of gentlemen; on some battlefield he spotted a jäger lurking in the bushes and asked him what he was doing. When the jäger said he was on the lookout for a good target, Frederick told him he should get out on the battlefield and fight like a man in the open!



David said...

A question - would Europe have been a more peaceful place thereafter if said Jager had decided to pop Old Fritz himself? ;-)

Bluebear Jeff said...

Hey, David . . . I thought that you were going to slow down on cranking out uniform templates . . . hmmm?

Mind you, I'm not complaining; but don't let this interfere with your "real life" . . . even if it is so much fun.

-- Jeff

David said...

Hi Jeff,

I have slowed down, really! Most of this is just tweaking what I've already done - although that can, in truth, take a fair bit of time as one gets absorbed in it. But I'm on a strict time rationing system now. :-)

Thanks for the concern - I appreciate it.