Thursday 9 May 2024

Flags of Brandenburg-Ansbach Regiment Cavenach 1712

Margrave Georg Friedrich I of Brandenburg-Ansbach raised the infantry regiment Ansbach of 9 companies (strength 1541). It entered the service of the Dutch in 1702 and was increased to 12 companies with a total of 2016 men. It was regiment Janus from 1701-1703. Later commanders were: from 1703 von Heydebracht; from 1705 von Seckendorff and from 1711 von Cavenach.

Regiment von Cavenach lost 300 prisoners and two flags to the French on 21st July 1712; these are the flags depicted here as shown in the Triomphes Louis XIV.

Service history:

1702: Siege of Kaiserswerth
1704: Storming of the Schellenberg and battle of Blenheim
1708: Battle of Oudenarde; siege of Lille
1709: Battle of Malplaquet
1710: Siege of Aire
1712: Battle of Denain

And the uniform in 1712 was probably something like this: