Thursday 16 May 2024

Flags of Austrian Infantry Regiment Osnabrueck in the War of the Spanish Succession

Raised 1701

Campaigns: In the Empire: Landau, Stollhofen Lines, Sendling. To Italy in 1706: Susa. To Spain in 1708: Balaguer, Almenar, Saragossa, Villaviciosa

A few strength details when in Spain:

1709: In May 3 battalions and 1593 men strong

1710: 27th July Battle of Almenar on the right wing 3 battalions strong; Confederate victory

1710 10th December at the battle of Villaviciosa on the right wing and 3 battalions strong; a possible tactical victory for the Confederate forces but a strategic defeat

1711: October 1402 men

1711: End of December 1461 men (by this stage each Austrian regiment had 3 battalions of 5 companies each and 2 grenadier companies)

 1713:  May In Catalonia 3 battalions strong with 1651 men

There seems to be much disagreement on the uniform in the WSS, although pearl-grey coat and green cuffs are often mentioned.