Saturday 8 June 2024

The '45: Jacobite Flag of either Cameron of Locheil or Cameron of Glendessary

Claimed as a flag of Cameron of Locheil's regiment, this may actually have been a flag of Cameron of Glendessary, according to Stuart Reid. The central panel does have the Cameron arms but the crest is not Locheil's sheaf of arrows; it is an arm and sword rising out of a helm. There is a 1689 reference to "Glendessary's ruddy banner". Locheil's own banner was probably the one I depicted earlier with red and yellow horizontal bars.

Friday 7 June 2024

Further generic guidons for French dragoon regiments with no known emblems

I was asked if I'd mind doing white and yellow generic dragoon guidons to complete the set so here they are, plus Isabelline. They may be of some use to others too.