Monday, 9 July 2007

Another Prussian Dragoon Variant

Four out of the twelve Prussian dragoon regiments (all with lapels) had a rounded shabraque very like the cuirassier shabraque and this template represents them. Regiments 1 and 2 had more complex designs on the shabraque but this simple variant is specifically that of regiment 3 (that of 4 was slightly more complex). ImagiNation artists will be happy to include their own heraldry, no doubt! :-)


Bluebear Jeff said...

Those pesky Prussians keep getting all the attention . . . *sigh* . . . Dare I point out that very little has been designed for the French (and nothing for the Russians).

And, of course, the Hanoverian Horse Grenadiers (simple version) have yet to appear.

David, you need to focus your talents . . . this doesn't pay the bills (although they are wonderful).

-- Jeff

David said...

Hi Jeff,

Is anyone really interested in French or Russian uniforms, do you think? That would be a whole new direction to go in - I'm not sure I'm ready to go so far east or west yet... ;-)

If those pesky Hanoverians didn't have such complicated mitre cap fronts, they'd be much quicker to do! ;-)

My talents have always been very focussed - usually, if not always, on activities that make no money at all.. Ah well. :-0


MurdocK said...

yes, YES, YES! the Russians and French are definately needed!

This way David, you get to look into the Tartars and other quasi-medaeval forces like perhaps the Ottomans?

David. said...

Righty ho - more for the ever growing list! Oh for 48 hours in the day... ;-)

But I think Tartars and Ottoman Turks are rather a long way down it. Hiring talented extra staff to do the extra work is, sadly, not an option in the current economic climate - ask anyone in Tippelbruder! :-)