Thursday, 12 July 2007

Coming Friday 13th...

Well, it's been an even slower week on the template front than I thought; I really have had little time to spare this week. (I know I should have spun some exotic yarn about Tippelbruder; perhaps being chased through the streets by recruiting parties and so being forced to spend days taking refuge in the wooded hills around the town, drinking water from streams and chewing shoe leather, until they've gone on to some other unlucky town - but I'll leave that to your vivid imaginations to colour in... :-)) Tomorrow I'll be posting Austrian German and Netherlands Artillerymen, and probably a Fusilier of the Artillery Fusilier Regiment. It's not a great leap forward but every little helps (as a dreadful supermarket advertisement in the UK used to say). ;-)



Bluebear Jeff said...

No rush, David. The Stagonians are clamoring, of course (but it does them good to wait).

Besides, I'm not going to even order the troops until I've got a good start on my Saxe-Bearstein figures (and we are still unpacking things in our new home (so they are having to wait as well).

Take your time.

-- Jeff

David said...

Hi Jeff,

That's good. :-)

It wasn't Stagonian recruiters raiding Tippelbruder this week, was it? ;-)

Yes, it's a slow business unpacking after a move; we're still unpacking after 10 years! At least our 8,000+ books are now mostly on shelves (although they do have a tendency still to increase!). Good luck!