Wednesday, 17 October 2007

French in India 3 - Fusilier of Company of Topas, Bussy's Army 1753-4

Another slightly pre-SYW uniform, this was worn by some Indo-Portuguese Portuguese-speaking Christian troops who wore a pink or "buffish pink" uniform with red facings and red buttons. Gaiters were white. Pink hat with red rim, white tassel and white fleur-de-lis. These troops were considered excellent auxiliaries to European troops.


abdul666 said...

Great to see badly known non-standard uniforms in your astounding series of templates.
Your 'French in India' could be used for militia -or auxiliary light troops- of some Imagi-Nation (to be later 'translated' on GNW minis?).

As already written 'you are a machine'! Immensely appreciated - but Freistadt Tippelbruder suffers from your absence!


David said...

Thanks, Jean-Louis! :-) It really helps keep the impetus going when I get encouraging comments like yours.

I had (and still have) plans for Freistadt Tippelbruder but have concentrated my efforts on the templates of late; I don't seem to have time for both at the moment, sadly. Hopefully soon I'll get chance to update Tippelbruder though.

Thanks again.