Thursday, 22 November 2007

Pandour of Russian Pandour Regiment

This is the uniform of a pandour with a smaller badge on the cap. Uniform colours were otherwise exactly the same as those of the grenadiers.


abdul666 said...

Let’s see… with ‘judicious’ cut & paste, it can be combined with the upper part of the Highlander -perhaps with bits of the Croat with similar cuffs (for the rank & file)… Now, to ‘capture’ Fitz-Badger’s tartan, then ‘reverse’ it using the green / red symmetry of GraphicConverter. Discover how to ‘paint’ the trousers with it… And, here you have those descendants of Highlanders mercenaries settled for three generations somewhere in the Balkans: too many thorny bushs to keep on wearing the kilt! But they religiously preserve the ‘Cult of the Bagpipe’, alas…



David said...

Hi Jean-Louis,

Intriguing - but your link does not lead to a picture of the uniform you describe. Is it supposed to do so? Or have I got "the wrong end of the stick"? ;-)

All the best,