Monday, 10 December 2007

Green Croat Infantryman, Prussian Von Kleist Frei-Corps

And the last Prussian Frei-Corps uniform for now, as the poll has closed and next will be generals' uniforms and French cavalry...

The "Green Croats" were added to Von Kleist's Frei-Corps in May 1761, initially as one battalion of 5 companies; by September there were 2 battalions. At Freiberg.

Uniform: Black mirliton with red cords and white tassels. Black stock. Dark green coat with white lace and button tassels. Dark green waistcoat with white lace. Red girdle. Dark green hungarian-style breeches with white lace. White metal buttons. Black short boots (not shown here).


Stokes Schwartz said...

Good Morning David,

Well, you've done it again! Maybe I'll have to have a unit wearing this type of uniform too? Decisions, decisions! Enjoy the day!

Best Regards,


David said...

Morning, Stokes. :-)

Yes, of course, you know you must... ;-)

Thanks for the continued supportive and encouraging comments; they help keep the templates flowing.

All the best,


abdul666 said...
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abdul666 said...

A pleasant and original uniform indeed! But, once discoverered the suitable minis, nobody & nothing compels you to paint them in 'Two blue(s?)' - e.g., Stokes, what about blue & orange, or yellow and purple?


abdul666 said...

OK, Alzheimer stroke again, with *green* ( & Von Kliest) jut in front of my eyes I was thinking of Von Schony!

David said...

Hi Jean-Louis,

I'm sure that's perfectly forgiveable, especially as I haven't posted the unit uniform details yet! ;-)

Thanks for the encouraging comment. :-)

All the best,


Fitz-Badger said...

I'm with Stokes! You make these cool templates and the next thing I know I'm thinking "it would be cool to have a unit of those"!

David said...

Hi FB,

Perhaps I should stop; putting temptation before people like this can't be good! (Or perhaps I should ask the figure manufacturers for a cut...) :-)