Monday, 10 December 2007

Poll results

Now the poll is over I can start on the favoured templates. French cavalry and generals' uniforms were well ahead, although the Prussian Frei-Corps (of which I've now already done 4 examples) were also fairly popular. Sadly hussars and Bosniaks were joint last! Poor old hussars; at least they weren't alone being last this time...

The generals' uniforms will be started from scratch so will take longer to do; I imagine that French cavalry will be popping up rather sooner because they can be adapted to some degree from existing cavalry templates. The generals I had in mind initially were: several Austrian, from the 1751 regulations; French general and marshal; Prussian, various (which are really just regimental officer uniforms with the odd decoration slapped on! ;-)). After that, others are possible but few nations had specific uniforms for generals until after the SYW.


  1. David,
    your hussars were so successful that potential users are currently satiated, I guess!

    Now, French cavalry... several Imagi-Nations tend to field armies in 'French-cut' uniforms, so we may see a blossoming of corresponding cavalry units?


  2. Hi Jean-Louis,

    Thanks; that's a nice thought about the hussars! :-)

    Hope we do see many of the French cavalry templates springing up on various blogs! I expect those vile Stagonians will be stealing them too. ;-)


    All the best,



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