Saturday 15 December 2007

Dragoon, French Colonel Général Dragoons in fatigue cap

Raised 1668, the Colonel Général Dragoons were in Germany 1757-9, including the battles of Hastenbeck and Crefeld. In 1759 they returned to France for coastal defence duties.

Uniform: Red cap, blue bag, laced white. Black stock. Red coat, blue cuffs, turnbacks and waistcoat. White lace (including to the edge of the waistcoat from 1757). White epaulette. Buff leather breeches. Pewter buttons. Black leather bottines (gaiters) laced at the sides, white inner stocking. Shabraque blue with white lace.


  1. David,

    Had you been wise enough to work on these "French-style" uniform templates sooner, your poor town of Tippelbruder would not be about to be burnt to the ground.

    It isn't wise to ignore the wishes of the King of Stagonia, you know. And, alas, it is too late fro him to call back his troops. The dye has been cast (Koenig Maurice like puns).

    -- Stagonian Jeff

  2. No, I simply don't believe it. And where will you get your uniform templates from when Tippelbruder *is* burned to the ground? (If it is - perhaps you'll get a bloody nose instead...)



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