Sunday 9 December 2007

Grenadier, Prussian Von Schony Frei-Corps

While the poll is still a few hours off ending, I've sneaked in another Prussian Frei-Corps uniform. :-)

Created in 1761 from Hungarian prisoners of war, Von Schony's originally consited of 4 companies of Frei-Grenadiere and 2 squadrons of Frei-Husaren; in 1762 the hussars were nominally increased to 4 squadrons. The grenadiers were at the battle of Burkersdorf as part of the Hüllessem grenadier battalion. At the end of the war, like all the Prussian frei-corps, they were disbanded at gunpoint, the men forcibly enlisted in Prussian line or garrison regiments and the officers dismissed.

Uniform: Brown fur cap, yellow metal plate with black eagle device, red bag with yellow lace. Black stock. Dark blue coat, light-blue collar (with yellow lace) and cuffs, red turnbacks. Yellow buttonhole lace with tassels. Light-blue waistcoat with yellow lace.
Yellow metal buttons. Red girdle. Light-blue Hungarian-style breeches with yellow lace. Short black boots (not shown here).


  1. Lovely work David! Hope you don't mind if I use it when the time comes to paint my own version of this beautiful uniform.

    Best Regards,


  2. Thanks, Stokes! :-) Please do use it.

    All the best,


  3. What about black and orange?
    Just saw a car painted in the colors of some firm / enterprise and the combination was inspirational.

    In its historical colors -well, perhaps with little more emphasis on the 'facing' color (whole waistcoat?)- Von Schony would be almost directly of use for one of the Zolms rival Counties...


  4. Hi Jean-Louis,

    Why not post an example of this template in black-orange, to back up your advocacy with some good visual evidence of how wonderful it might be? ;-)

    All the best,



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