Monday, 24 November 2008

14th and 15th Reichsarmee Templates: Grenadier and Musketeer, Infantry Regiment Baden-Durlach (Swabian Circle)

Unit details: To follow

Uniform: Grenadier (above): Prussian-style grenadier mitre cap with brass front plate, blue sack, red base with yellow grenades, white lace, red pompom. Musketeer (left): Black tricorne, white lace, white with blue pompom, yellow metal button. Both: Black stock. Prussian-style uniform with dark blue coat, red collar, lapels, cuffs and turnbacks, blue or red shoulder straps. White waistcoat and breeches. Yellow buttons.


Capt Bill said...

Keep up the great work Sir David!The Prussians must have hated the enemy so closely resembling their own troops. Friendly fire is bad enough without everyone looking alike...

David said...

Thanks, Bill. Will try to do! :-)

Yes, indeed, misidentification was a serious problem; at Rossbach the Reichsarmee Württemberg Dragoons* were doing well against Prussian cavalry when, because their blue uniform was very similar to that of Prussian dragoons, they were attacked by allied French cavalry and severely handled. It must, to say the very least, have been galling for them when they were one of the few Reichsarmee units to perform at all well that day!

All the best,


*whose uniform I did some time ago.