Saturday, 1 November 2008

9th Reichsarmee Template - Musketeer of the Kurtrier Infantry Regiment (Circle of the Elector Rhine)

Christopher Duffy says of the regiments of the Kurrheinsiche Creis (Prussia's Glory p.29):

"The Catholic bishop-electors as a tribe were the most whole-hearted supporters of the allied cause in the Reich... All of the regiments of this Circle were formed from contingents from single states, which gave a coherence that was lacking in some of the units from other circles. However Johann Philipp the Prince-Bishop of Trier would have been much put out to learn that his regiment had been dismissed as "very bad" (vilain) [by Soubise]. He had driven forward the mobilisation of his two battalions as being a matter which concerned so closely "his name and standing with His Imperial Majesty and the whole Empire". He had obtained anew almost every item of equipment, down to the iron ramrods, and he had commandeered all the tailors of Koblenz and Ehrenbreitstein, forbidding them to work on anything but the uniforms, and threatened them with severe punishment if they made a botched job through over-haste."

The regiment ran at Rossbach after firing a single volley; they suffered no fatalities and only 27 identifiable wounded (according to Duffy, Prussia's Glory, p.83) so clearly did little hard fighting there! However, they were amongst the Reichsarmee units that fought long and hard at Freiberg in 1762; although the battle was ultimately a defeat, it was the Reichsarmee's "finest hour" as a fighting force. This batch of Reichsarmee uniforms will therefore be a celebration of those units that did well at Freiberg; next will be the infantry regiment Baden-Baden.

Uniform: Black hat, white scalloped hat lace and white metal button, black cockade, blue-red pompons. White coat, red cuffs, lapels and turnbacks. White waistcoat and breeches. White metal buttons.

2 battalions of 4 companies and 2 guns with 1,120 men total (detail from Kronoskaf - see links).


abdul666 said...

Good to see you posting again, David!
An interesting uniform, both in its 'historical' form and as potential basis for Imagi-Nation rulers - rather large cuffs, scalloped hat lace... screams to be given to over-average units, at least by their prestige or seniority.

I know it would be horrendeously tedious, but what about 'labelling' the posts with templates (it can be done a posteriori) - nationality and (large) type of troop: line infantry, light infantry, cavalry, hussar..)? You published so many templates..

Compliments and thanks,

David said...

Thanks, Jean-Louis; thought I'd better do something fairly simple "on account"! ;-)

No idea at the moment what's involved in labelling the posts but I'll look into it - if it would be so time consuming then I'm afraid I shall not have time yet awhile!

All good wishes,


Capt Bill said...

Sir David,
Welcome back! I was getting a little concerned by your absence. Best regards...Bill

Bluebear Jeff said...


I too am glad to see you posting again. A nice clean template too. Welcome back.

-- Jeff

David said...

Thanks, Bill and Jeff! :-)

It's that wretched thing called "real life" that's to blame, I'm afraid, especially time (or shortage of it) and dodgy health but I've decided, come what may, I'd like to get back to doing more templates as I enjoy the creativity and making a small contribution to the world of wargaming and 18tth century history.

So, I hope to be back here more frequently now - fingers crossed.

All the best,


Fitz-Badger said...

Good to see you back in action! Hope the health issues improve!

You can add tags or labels when you create or edit posts - once you create a tag it gets put into a dropdown list that you can select from in other posts. I've done it on my blog, but I agree with Jean-Louis, in your case it would be perticularly useful to readers/users of your templates. It would make it easier for people to find specific templates.

David said...

Thanks, FB! :-)

And thanks too for the explanation about labels or tags - I'll give it a go. It would be helpful if people could suggest what they feel the most useful way of my labelling the templates; thanks.

All the best,


abdul666 said...

Maybe 2 labels / template:
- country (in a wide sense: "Reichsarmee" e.g.): essential for 'historicals', useful for 'imaginary rulers' who often favor one historical model, and anyway have to chose atemplate corresponding to the minis they intend to paint;

- type: maybe 4 categories (though I'm not sure of how to name them clearly):
° 'line' infantry (including Guards &c..., i.e. corresponding to regular infantry intended to hold its place in the line during a formal batle),
° 'other foot': light infantry but also (foot) artillery - these are not very numerous,
° 'cavalry' (i.e. in 'western European' dress, including dragoons and most mounted jagers),
° 'hussars' or 'exotic horse' (all cavalry in 'exotic' dress, hussars, Uhlans, Bosniaks...).
I acknowledge the second label would be specially useful for Imagi-Nation rulers in search of, e.g., an inspirational hussar...

Hopefully many patrons of David Linienblatt's Military Taylor Shop in Tippelbruder will make their preferences known. Maybe you could open a poll, here &/or on the OSW group e.g.?


David said...

Thanks for the suggestions, Jean-Louis; most helpful. :-) I'll give it some thought; little time and energy just at the moment but things will settle down later this week, with luck, and give me chance to think through it.

All the best,


Andy Mac said...

Glad to see you back, I've been dropping by on a regular basis just in case.

Keep up the grand job you have been doing.

All the best

Andy Mac

David said...

Thanks, Andy. :-) I have quite a few templates "on the stocks" but simply don't have the time I need to get everything finished quickly. I will continue to post things slowly, though, so keep coming back. The Reichsarmee infantry are a useful little project as the infantry uniforms are so much easier than many of the cavalry I've been doing previously! The Baden-Baden uniform is done, really, both musketeer and grenadier, and I now need to get the unit and uniform text finished so I can post them. Hopefully that should be within the next few days.

Thanks again.

All the best,