Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Map Symbols 2

Here's another more ambitious map token or symbol in development - it needs shading and further colour work but this image gives the rough idea. It's based on Burg Ganowitz in Slovenia, now a ruin, as it was in the 16th-17th centuries, and would serve as a good symbol for a princely palace or fortress or similar.


Capt Bill said...

Very impressive as usual. Can't wait for more...Bill

Herzog Ignaz said...

If I squint, I think I can mistake it for Schloß Moritz.

Excellent work.

MiniWargamer said...

Great work! Are these going to be usable in Campaign Cartographer? I bet they'd love to see them at ProFantasy.

tradgardmastare said...


Stokes Schwartz said...

These are all really nice looking.

Best Regards,


Prinz Geoffrey said...

Very nice.

David said...

Thanks, Everyone. I appreciate your very positive comments! Helps keep the morale up... :-)

Yes, MW, these should be perfectly usable in CC, as if as is probable the final versions will be .svg, then Inkscape can export them as .png files, to be imported into CC.


abdul666 said...

Hi David,
hijacking the thread, but I don't know if you are on SOCDAISY:

message #17983 jan 14, 2009

"A Happy New Year to All,

Would the Gentleman whom makes the uniform templates please contact me
reference the U.S Continental Marine template? I have a change I would
like to have made to the template. Also, I've lost my original copy of
the template, and, I am unable to find the template at your website!
Would you kindly assist me in this matter? I would be eternally
grateful for your help! Please contact me at the following email




"Moshe Malyevshevsky"

David said...

Thanks, Jean-Louis. I'll chase that up - hadn't spotted it as I don't often log into Socdaisy.



David said...

Just a thought - I feel these map icons don't really belong on this blog and perhaps I should start a new blog purely for map work. Does that make sense?


MurdocK said...

No David.

Keep on working whatever muse is driving you here.

Uniforms, flags, cartography...whatever comes next, it all belongs here.

Chasing many different blogs can be a trifle crazy making, it is worse than the shifting topics within Not By Appointment, for you have chosen your 'non-appointments'!

David said...

OK, Murdock. Thanks; will do. :-)