Monday, 9 March 2009

Musician of Prussian Infantry Regiment No. 55

Most of the later fusilier regiments wore much simpler uniforms than the earlier raised units; this is one of the commonest styles worn by musicians of many of those regiments. The colour version is a musician of Regiment No. 55, with lace with a central orange stripe, a wider yellow stripe and an outer white stripe.


abdul666 said...

So pleasant by itself, and inspirational (despite the simplicity of this one).
Now David you have caught yourself in a dreadful spiral: your fans will wish for officer and musician templates (and sergeant, then) for *all* the uniforms you ever posted!

Compliments and thanks,

P.S. : thus in Prussian service all musicians (fifers, oboeists, hornists, kettledrummers… as well as drummers / trumpeters) wore the same uniform? I’m under the impression it was not always the case in other countries (e. g. Savoy) but I may be misled by what I saw for later periods, Napoleonic for instance -with fifers sometimes a special case?

David said...

Thanks, Jean-Louis. :-) Yes, there's no end to these SYW uniforms and their variants, is there? I certainly didn't realise in June 2007 what a treadmill this could/would become! ;-)

As far as I can tell, within individual units, Prussian musicians did have the same uniforms, although the variations between regiments were often quite extreme - as with these infantry musicians I've done so far. Luckily, for the Prussians we seem to have good documentation - for, say, the Austrians it becomes much more complicated and patchy. In their case, regimental inhabers (especially before the regulations were tightened up in the late 1750s) often bought and devised special uniforms for their musicians. I believe that even in the Napoleonic period the uniforms of musicians were often not regulated and depended in practice on the whims of regimental commanders.

All the best,


Capt Bill said...

I really like the fusilier hats. I just finished the red fusiliers. I think they are the 40th. Great minds seem to travel the same path. Thanks for all you do for our group. Best regards...Bill ps I will post a photo of my new fusiliers on my site.

Fitz-Badger said...

As much as I'm loving the templates and the new colored versions, I also get a lot out of the blurbs about the units (as well as comments from people like Jean-Louis).
Keep up the excellent work! :-D

David said...

Thanks, Bill. :-) Look forward to seeing your fusiliers!


David said...

Thanks, FB. :-) Yes, it's true I have been a bit lax on the write ups lately - too much concentration on the templates themselves. After the next template on which I'm still working (a grenadier drummer of the 12 Prussian Infantry Regiment) I'm officially sick of doing musicians' lace and will leave them for at least a while and do some honest-to-goodness simple PBI uniforms, I think. I can do 2 or 3 or possibly more simple uniforms in the time it takes me to draw one of (and then colour) the musicians' uniforms.