Sunday, 5 July 2009

Trooper of Bavarian Hohenzollern Dragoons

Impoverished by years of war during the War of the Austrian Succession, Bavaria had to make severe cutbacks and the army was reorganised in the 1750s. The 4 cavalry regiments, 2 regiments of cuirassiers and 2 of dragoons, were very much below strength - at the beginning of the SYW there were 1190 men and only 270 horses all told. The cavalry took no part in the SYW.

Hohenzollern Dragoons, like the other regiments, had a theoretical strength of 9 companies with 38 men each, organised in 3 squadrons in wartime. Inhaber: GFM J. Fürst Von Hohenzollern. Commander: Freiherr Von Nagel. In garrison in Munich, then Scharding.

The colours of the shabraque are speculative but possible; they follow the same pattern as those of Preysing.


Fitz-Badger said...

Your latest works are up to your usual high standards (even the city plans - if you're having fun doing them that's reason enough to continue!).

David said...

Thanks, FB. :-)

I like the *finished* result of the city plans - the getting there is pretty tedious and often rather mechanical, though, much less enjoyable than the templates. Fun? Possibly... ;-/

All the best,


Zinnmartina said...

you did ask about surveive elements of the troops in WW II.
Yes, there are a lot surveifing elements. the museum Hamburger Geschichte has a collection of sables, weapons, two guns of the 18th century, the oilpainting of the grossneumarkt, prints incl. the dragoons and a collection of uniforms of the hamburger buergerwehr, but these are from the 19th century. All elements are not on display since many many years.

David said...

Thank you for the information; I'm pleased that so much survived the horror of WWII, even if it's sadly not on display these days.