Monday, 18 January 2010

More recent NBA flags up on the Kopf-Schlager ImagiNation Blog!

Many of my recent ImagiNation flags can be seen posted on the Kopf-Schlager ImagiNation blog at:



Anonymous said...

Another triumph David. My admiration just grows & grows.
Do you offer your flags for sale? Or do you have an outlet for them?
If you don't, then in my opinion you should.


David said...

Thanks, Steve; appreciate your enthusiastic comment. :-)

Yes, most of the flags shown have been commissioned from me and paid for. I should really set up a website about this. I'm currently contemplating doing historical flags rather than just ImagiNations flags (as they will probably pay better in the long run than just one-offs) but I'm not sure if the market warrants another flag maker. The effort involved in producing vast numbers of accurate historical flags is a bit daunting, especially as with all these business ventures it's something of a gamble that it will pay off. We'll see!