Wednesday, 23 February 2011

More elements for ImagiNations mapping

I'm sorry it has been so long since I last posted. Ill-health and other Real Life issues have got in the way. I thought these might be of use to someone as they've been sitting on my computer for nearly 2 years now and I may as well offer them for use rather than let them sit gathering cyberdust any longer. I can export them as an SVG file so anyone can use Inkscape (or other vector editor) to resize them, edit them or export them in other formats to use as they wish on their ImagiNations' maps. They're pretty self-explanatory - symbols of various features like 4 and 5 sided sconces or earthwork forts and a number of walled cities drawn after 18th century maps.

As with the uniform templates (see the copyright notice on the left of this page), I'm offering them free to use but retain the copyright and they must not be sold or used in any profit-making enterprise without my permission

If anyone would like the SVG file, please leave a message in the comments with your (disguised) email address and I'll email it to you.


Adam from Lancashire said...

Hi David

Thanks for making these available for everyone, and it's good to see you posting again. I hope you are feeling much better.

Best wishes


Hope your return to good health is uninterupted. I thank you for the templates. I am going to use some of the new ones when I update the Schwabian map.

John M.

Capt Bill said...

Glad to see our favorite Brigadier is feeling better...

David said...

Thanks, Adam. :-)

All the best,


David said...

Hi John,

Thank you. It's good to see you using some of my map items on your map. I'll send you the SVG file and a PDF file so you can you them at whatever size you need.



David said...

Hi Bill,

Thank you; hope you've well and have managed to avoid the flu going round. We're just about over it now after 3 weeks so best avoided if possible!

All the best,


ColCampbell50 said...


Please send me a copy of the file:

jmcp1650 AT comcast DOT net



David said...

Hi Jim,

Will do soon.



MurdocK said...

Hello David,

I would love the .svg file of these mapping elements.

About the only item I am likely to put them into is a Cyberboard Gamebox (ideally for use with the EvE crew) which is free for use by definition.

Could you send to my email:

murdock "at" axion "dot" net


pp said...

g'day dave

I'll have a go at using them please.

send to

paintpig at geemale dot com

thank you

Justin Penwith said...

These are exactly what I am looking for for my imagi-nation campaign map. Please, send me the file at khornishman at yahoo dot com.

My blog is here: so you can see what I am working at.