Sunday, 27 March 2011

Royal Navy Lieutenant, Full Dress

Another of the templates commissioned by Moshe, this is the full dress uniform of a British naval lieutenant from 1748 onwards.

Thanks to Moshe for letting me offer this for general use.


abdul666 said...

Extremely sober!
Black *boots*? Well, I know most sailors did not known how to swim, anyway....

Capt Bill said...

Oh, to be a young Lieutenant again...

David said...

Hi Jean-Louis,

:-) On the drawing his legs end at the bottom of his breeches - but he might indeed be wearing boots. ;-)

Yes, indeed, no point in being able to swim when it might simply prolong the agony after being shipwrecked...

Thanks for commenting.



David said...

Hi Bill,

Indeed - I'd certainly enjoy being 30 again, having just had my 56th birthday... :-)

Thanks for commenting.

Hope all's going well.

All the best,


Paul said...

Hi David,
Excellent work! I've like to commission you to complete the 1748 uniform set if that's possible.

Can you please drop me an email at to discuss.

Kind regards,