Saturday, 23 February 2013

Minden French Flags Project - Regiment Tournaisis

First raised 1684, Tournaisis was a single battalion regiment and at Minden formed a brigade on the right wing with the 2 battalion regiment Rouergue and single battalion regiment Comte de la Marche.

The same pattern of colours was carried from 1684 to 1775.

Unfortunately I have no 1757 illustration of these flags and the uniform. Basically the regiment had red cuffs, all else being French off-white until 1761 when it acquired red waistcoat and collar; the pockets were horizontal with 5 copper buttons.

P.S. Flag plate updated 16.03.2013 - the original was lacking its pole retaining nails!


Capt Bill said...

Sir David, Wonderful as usual! I just found out that you did a series of flags for the Marlborough period. I would like to buy some if possible...

David said...

Thanks, Bill. :-)

Yes, I have done some flags for the WSS. What flags interest you?

All the best,