Sunday, 22 July 2007

Converting the templates to 256 colours

With 6 votes [now 9 on Monday 23.07.07; 11 by Tuesday 24.07.07] in favour of converting the templates to 256 colours and not one against, it is a clear majority for the motion. :-) I've started converting them but it will take a while to get the job finished and post them all up on the blog. The next new templates to be posted, hopefully in the coming week, will be the Horse Grenadier for Saxe-Bearstein and perhaps the Highlander - haven't decided on that yet. ;-) I rather like the idea of doing the Saxons, a favourite of mine - British liking for the underdog, perhaps, as they had such a rough time at the hands of Old Fritz. Then perhaps some Russians will follow - and possibly a new, improved hussar but of which country first I'm not yet sure. Anyway, we'll see.

Update Tuesday 24.07.07 - I've uploaded 256 colour versions of the templates back to the Prussian cuirassier. I'll do the rest in batches as soon as I can.

Second Update Tuesday 24.07.07 - I've now uploaded 256 colour versions of all the templates back to the Austrian Dragoon (first posted 28.06.07). The final 256 colour templates will follow soon; now I'm for dinner and bed!


Bluebear Jeff said...

I think that I hear the Stagonians clamoring for French uniforms . . . but they are so vile, they can wait.

I'm finally starting to feel a bit better, so as soon as I get "caught up", I'll see about getting some Grenzers colorized.

I'm also looking forward to the Horse Grenadiers.

-- Jeff

David said...

Hi Jeff,

I'm glad to hear that you are beginning to feel better and look forward to seeing those Grenzers in colour. :-)

The Stagonians never come to the shop and stand in the queue like civilised people so, yes, they can wait a while. ;-)

The Horse Grenadiers will be along shortly - simpler version (i.e. authentic SYW version! :-)).