Friday, 14 March 2008

French infantry flag update: 12 final flags coming soon

Update Friday 14th March: 12 new flags now virtually done, apart from the process of the final checking, then converting them to png files, zipping them up, uploading them, etc.. But all that will now have to wait until the weekend as I have jobs to do this evening. There are 3 Irish flags, 4 German flags, 3 Swiss flags and 2 more native French infantry flags; above is a snapshot of the uncoloured templates. The top left 4 flags are German infantry; the top right 2 flags French; the bottom left 3 Swiss and bottom right 3 Irish. So - watch this space!


Stokes Schwartz said...

Happy Saturday David,

More lovely flag templates I see. Where do you find your energy and inspiration for all of this wonderful work over the last year or so? You have definitely created/found a unique niche for yourself. I can't decide which of your templates have been more inspirational with regard to the creative possibilities they put within our collective reach -- the uniforms? Or the flags? What a conundrum!

Best Regards,


David said...

Thanks very much, Stokes. :-)

I must confess the energy and inspiration often flag and I wonder what on earth I'm doing. It certainly feels like masochism sometimes, when things just won't go right. People viewing the blog just get to see the good bits that do work. ;-) I guesstimate that I've probably spent at least 4-500 hours on all these drawings since last June; that's the equivalent of at least 10 40-hour weeks! Astonishing... But then I get such encouraging posts as yours and carry on. I'm glad that people do like what I do and grateful for people like yourself who keep my spirits up with comments while I'm going through this crazy process. I'm also very glad that what I'm doing here inspires people.

Thanks again and I look forward to your continued very positive feedback. :-)

All the best,


Capt Bill said...

David, Reich Duke Whilhelm von Beerstein has invested you into the Acient and Honorable Order of the Tankard for your inspirational labors. Please shoot me an email address so your award can be returned as an enclosure. Best regards...Bill

David said...
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