Monday, 17 March 2008

Last 12 French Infantry Flags

The last 12 French infantry flags can now be found here:

The 3 Irish flags cover Dillon, Bulkeley and Clare (one flag with exactly the same pattern but differentiated by the colouring), Roth and Fitzjames. The 3 Swiss flags are Diesbach (with the motto) and 2 which cover some of the wide range of "variations on a theme" carried by Swiss infantry. The 4 German flags are Royal Pologne, Bentheim, La Marck and Royal Bavière. Finally there are 2 more variants of native French infantry flags. The filenames identify the units except for the more generic flags.

The above coloured sample snapshot shows from left to right Roth (Irish), Diesbach (Swiss), Royal Bav
ière (German) and Bentheim (German).


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