Saturday, 8 September 2007

8th French Infantry Template - Grenadier of the Grenadiers de France

Well, it's not a Hessen-Darmstadt grenadier or a French German Regiment infantryman (they'll be along shortly) but it is another French infantry uniform, illustrating a more modern style of French uniform with lapels.

Created in 1749 from the grenadier companies of infantry regiments disbanded after the War of the Austrian Succession, the Grenadiers de France had a busy SYW. At Minden, a British eyewitness called them "as fierce and terrible looking fellows as I ever saw".


  1. lovely David,

    I have a few images of grenadier caps would you like then sent to you.


  2. Hi Matt,

    Yes, please; always on the look out for new reference material. :-)

    You could email them to: morfitt {at] lineone [dot} net

    Thanks very much.




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