Friday 5 October 2007

6th Reichsarmee Template - Musketeer of the Kurbayern Infantry Regiment (Bavarian Circle)

Kurbayern was a composite regiment of regular Bavarian infantry; it consisted of the 1st Battalion and Grenadier company of Infantry Regiment Von Holnstein and the 1st and 2nd Battalions and Grenadier company of Infantry Regiment Von Pechmann. Both wore the uniforms of their parent regiments, Pechmann in blue with straw facings and Holnstein with red facings. As this template is not coloured, I can leave the vexed question of the actual shade of blue of Bavarian infantry uniforms to others! Soubise rated this regiment as "good".

The unit was busy in the SYW and was present at Dresden 1759, Meissen 1759, Torgau 1760 and Freiberg 1762, as well as other actions.


  1. Well, while a darker blue is probably correct, the lighter cornflower blue is so nice and distinctive (and it screams "Bavarian") that for me it is no contest . . . even though it is likely that it is historically incorrect.

    Good looking template, David.

    -- Jeff

  2. Yes, I'm inclined to agree in practice - though the purist in me doesn't like it... The truth can be so annoying. ;-)

    Thanks, Jeff.



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