Thursday, 3 January 2008

Austrian Stabs-Infanterie-Regiment

A simple uniform to keep things ticking over...

The Stabs-Infanterie-Regiment was raised in 1758 by the new Generalquartiermeister Lacy for specialised duties - "around headquarters the staff infantry provided guards for the generals, the staff and the places of detention" (Duffy, "Army of Maria Theresa", p.136). Duffy also says that its rather Prussian-style uniform helped the regiment evade capture at Torgau. (The commander Johann von Preiss received the Order of Maria Theresa for his performance at Torgau.) The regiment was disbanded in 1763.

Uniform: Black tricorne, red pompom and bobs, white metal button. Black stock. Dark blue coat, red collar and cuffs, white turnbacks with red fasteners, white metal buttons. Dark blue waistcoat. White breeches. Black gaiters.


  1. A very Prussian-loking color pattern indeed!
    I remember reading that the blue of the coat was remarkably violet:???

    A rather simple uniform, full of potential (mis)uses by Imagi-Nation rulers, for Militia e.g.


  2. Hi Jean-Louis,

    Yes, the rather violet blue is shown well in the Albertina Manuscript illustration - assuming the colour has not changed over time from something quite different!

    Indeed, it will be good to see this [mis]used and abused on Blogs, hopefully! ;-)


    All the best,



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