Monday 4 August 2008

Trooper, Austrian Hussar Regiment Kálnoky

Raised by the Transylvanian Stände in 1742. Distinguished at Nachod 1758, Kunersdorf, Lindewiese 1760. Also at Kolin, Moys, Breslau, Kolin, Landeshut, Greiffenberg, Neustadt, Burkersdorf.

Uniform - Light brown kalpack with red bag, yellow cords. Light blue pelisse and dolman with yellow lace, red pants, buttons brass, blue and yellow barrel sash, black boots with yellow braid edging and tassel, red sabretache with K monogram and crown in yellow, yellow edge, brown leather straps, sabre with brass furniture. Shabraque red with yellow border.

Again, note the detail differences from the other Austrian hussar regiments, particularly the dolman lace.

The template can be found here:


  1. Sir David,
    I think I went to school with this Kalnoky fellow. Who would have guessed he'd grow up to become a Hussar...Bill

  2. And a time-travelling hussar at that! ;-)

    All the best,


  3. Sir David,
    I found the white flag with the II below the W, and I love it! When I read your email, I did not see the attachment and only found it when I was deleting old emails. Thanks again...Bill

  4. Superior that you have turned your skilled hand to the task of such wonderful uniforms!


  5. Hi Bill,

    I'm glad you liked that version of the flag; I'll email you about it.


  6. Hi Murdock,

    Thanks; I've always loved hussar uniforms. :-) 2 more of the Austrian uniforms to come, Esterhazy and possibly Baranyay (as I wanted a green variant of the uniform).

    Huzzah indeed!



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