Saturday, 16 August 2008

Trooper, Hussar Regiment Esterházy

And here's the last Austrian hussar for now, of Regiment Esterházy.

Raised 1742 at the expense of Prince Esterházy. Inhaber Prince Esterházy - From 1762 Inhaber Lusinsky. At Prague, Leuthen, Maxen, Hochkirch, Berlin and Torgau.

Uniform - Light brown kalpack with red bag, yellow cords. Light blue pelisse and dolman with yellow lace, red pants with yellow lace, buttons brass, yellow and blue barrel sash, yellow boots with yellow braid edging and red tassel, red sabretache with yellow "E" monogram and crown in yellow, yellow edge, brown leather straps, sabre with brass furniture. Shabraque deep blue with yellow border and yellow "E" monogram and crown.

The sabretache and consequently shabraque design is taken from a photograph of a surviving example shown in the Osprey volume on the Hungarian Hussar; it is very crude which rather suggests that most depictions of Austrian hussar equipment of the period may be somewhat romanticised!

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