Tuesday 3 February 2009

Coming next - Fusilier and Grenadier of the Sardinian Guards Regiment 1753-1773

As I've done some Sardinian flags I couldn't resist the siren lure of some Sardinian uniforms. I should really finish the cavalry on which I've been working for ages (e.g. French Cuirassiers Du Roi) but I find the fiddly bits like the shabraques rather wearing at times; infantry are so much more relaxing to do. :-) So I've now completed a fusilier and grenadier of the Sardinian Guards Regiment. It's 3.45am, though, and I just don't have the energy to do the exporting to .png and other faffing about before posting so I'll leave putting up the real templates until tomorrow - which also means that I can check and recheck them before posting and not have the all too common experience of spotting some glitch when I've posted and frantically having to take the image off, fix the original and re-export etc., etc.. Here's a quick snapshot of the very French-style uniforms (except that the colours are very Prussian - dark blue and red, in this case).


  1. Great work as usual. Maybe I need a unit or two as allies...Bill

  2. Well done, as always. It's an interesting uniform set - French style, Prussian colours and Austrian belting. Great fun

  3. Thanks, Both. :-) Yes, it's a very attractive uniform, I agree. I'll do one or two line infantry as well.

    Not a SYW combatant, of course - perhaps I shall have to have a go at Spanish, too, as they were (in theory). ;-)



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