Tuesday 10 February 2009

Trooper of the Sardinian Savoia Cavalry Regiment 1750

Unit history and organisation: First raised 1690s. In the WAS the regiment had around 650 men, in 5 squadrons each of 2 companies. In 1744 a company from each regiment was made into a Carabinier company, distinguished from the other companies only by being armed with a rifled carbine. (I have little on the history of this unit so if anyone knows more and can let me have details, I'd be grateful. Thanks.)

Uniform: Trooper: Black tricorne, white laced edge, white metal button, white strap, mid-blue cockade. Black stock. Very dark (almost Prussian) blue coat, deep red collar, cuffs, turnbacks, red edge to shoulder strap. White aiguillette on right shoulder, white metal buttons. Red waistcoat, white metal buttons. Red breeches, white metal buttons. White inner stocking. Black leather boots. Red shabraque and pistol holster covers with 2 lines of lace each consisting of 3 stripes (white-mid-blue-white).
White crown and lettering. White sheepskin cover over pistol holster.


  1. Sir David, Looks great! All Reich Duke Wilhelm needs is a "W" under the crown on the saddle blanket...Bill

  2. Thanks, Bill. Sent via email... :-)

    All the best,


  3. For Fabrizio: you can email me the unit history details on morfitt [at] lineone [dot] net

    Thank you very much!




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