Sunday 19 April 2009

Saxon Artilleryman

Saxon artilleryman. As so often with Saxon uniforms there is some disagreement in the sources so I have gone for the simpler possibilities.


  1. David,
    Hope you don't mind me putting my oar in here, but I was wondering about the colour of the uniform for the Saxon artillery, well actually about the colour of their breeches? In the couple of the reference books I have, they are shown as being white and not straw.
    What do you think about this? Do you have any other info'?


  2. Hi Steve,

    Yes, that was one of the "disagreements in the sources"! :-)

    Pengel and Hurt (based on Schirmer and the Sturm cigarette cards) give straw coloured breeches, whereas Friedrich gives white. Friedrich is more recent and *possibly* more authoritative but straw breeches were used before the SYW according to him so I've used them in my illustration as I rather like them and think, given the bad state of the Saxons in 1756, that it's likely they still used old uniform elements, at the very least.

    Anyway, that's my reasoning! What sources are you using for the white breeches? It would be useful to know if you have alternative sources; thanks!

    All the best,



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