Friday, 10 April 2009

Saxon Infantry in Waistcoat 1

Saxon infantry often fought in their waistcoats during the summer (like the Russians) and this is a generic template for many of the infantry regiments that wore the unique Saxon waistcoat. The coloured template shows Regiment Prince Xaver in the blue waistcoat that was the same colour as the regiment's facings.


  1. Wow! I didn't realize the Saxons wore their waistcoats in the summer like the Russians. I Have been gradually replacing my Russians in waistcoats with Front Rank Russians in dress uniforms. I could repaint some the of the Russians as Saxon. Thanks for the tip...Bill

  2. Thanks for commenting, Bill, and I'm glad it was interesting information. Sounds a good idea to use those Russians in waistcoats - as you can see from the Leibgrenadiergarde uniform, not all the Saxon infantry had the unusual lapelled waistcoat. But I imagine a thick coat of paint could produce the lapelled waistcoat on the figures if you feel so inclined! :-)

    All the best,



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