Saturday 6 June 2009

A few of the map symbols are now available as an .svg file

I have now created an .svg file of some of the map symbols I did a few months ago. There's nothing here particularly new, except that I've done the symbols with both blue and red roofs as requested, but people who care to use Inkscape: (or any other vector graphics program that can import .svg files) can now fiddle with and use these symbols and/or export them from Inkscape et al in different formats if they wish to use them on their non-Inkscape produced maps.

The blog will not unfortunately let me upload the .svg file so, if anyone wants it, please leave a message in the comments with your email address (suitably disguised to avoid spammers) and I'll email it to you. (The image here merely shows what is in the Inkscape file.)

I hope to find time to do some more map symbols soon - perhaps when the 48 hour day comes into force. ;-)


P.S. Update 29.10.09: I noticed that the .svg file has done funny things to the windmill - basically the arms have been filled when they should be open so the detail is obscured. I've now fixed this so if anyone wants the upadted file rather than doing it for themselves then let me know and I'll email the updated file to them.


  1. Thanks, FB. :-)

    I have your email address from when you kindly sent me your unfinished fonts to look at in February; shall I send you a copy of the .svg file?

    All the best,


  2. As always, great looking drawings David, most impressive. I know all the effort must take up a great deal of your time, but I always look forward to seeing it.
    Being able to share your work adds so much extra to my own wargaming (my records & diaries are now full of your drawings & templates - thanks.)


  3. Greetings,

    If I may ask, would you send a copy of the .svg file to miniwargamer at gmail dot com?


  4. Thanks, Steve; I'm glad you find them so useful. I find your blogs interesting too so that constitutes some healthy repayment. :-)

    I don't have an email address for you so if you'd like the Inkscape file, leave a comment with your disguised email address here and I'll send it to you ASAP.


  5. Hi MW,

    I've emailed the .svg file to you; let me know if you don't receive it, please, and I'll resend.


  6. Hi David,
    I think your map symbols look real good! I you could please drop a copy to pvernon2001 at yahoo dot com.

  7. David
    I would love the file too-
    alangruber at waitrose dot com
    many thanks

  8. Hi Alan,

    File sent. Hope you enjoy it. :-)


  9. Hi David,

    Would love to get a copy as well.

    Could you please sent a copy to:

    sir_wolfe at hotmail dot com

    Thank you sir!

  10. Hi Danny,

    File sent yesterday - hope you received it.


  11. pmacdonald@voyager.net26 June 2009 at 19:46


    These are just the style I was looking for. could you please send a copy?

    Thanks in advance.


  12. If you want to give them away as free clipart you could upload them to
    If not, why not just upload the .svg files as a compressed .zip that way people don't have to expose email addresses to spam bots.

  13. Hi Daniel,

    I'd like to keep tabs on them which I can't do if they go to a website like - and people can (and should) disguise their email addresses when giving them here. That way, I know who's getting them.



  14. may I have a copy of the svg file, please?

    les_howie (at) yahoo (dot) com

    You provide a great service, thank you!


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