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Flags of French regiments disbanded 1749: Flags of French Regiment Vexin

First raised 31st August 1684 or 21st September 1684 or 1st December 1684 (depending on the source of the information)!

One battalion.


Summary of service from Susane Volume 8:

1689: Army of the Alps
1690: Battle of Staffarde
1692: Army of Flanders; siege of Namur
1693-1696: Army of the Alps
1697: Army of Flanders; siege of Ath

War of the Spanish Succession:

1701: Army of Flanders
1703: Battle of Ekeren
1704: Army of the Alps
1705: Taking of Chivasso; battle of Cassano
1706: Siege of Turin; battle of Castiglione
1707: Defence of Toulon
1708: Army of Dauphiné
1709: Army of Flanders; battle of Malplaquet
1711: Combat of Arleux
1712: Battle of Denain; sieges of Douai, Quesnoy and Bouchain

1727: Camp of Sâone

War of the Polish Succession:

1734: November; to Italy by sea
1735: Taking of Guastalla, Reggiolo and Revere
1736: September; back to France

War of the Austrian Succession:

1742: Army of Flanders
1743: Army of the Lower Rhine; battle of Dettingen
1744: Army of Flanders
1745: Army of the Rhine
1746: Army of the Meuse; siege of Namur; battle of Rocoux
1747: Battle of Lauffeldt
1748: Siege of Maastricht

1749 10th February; Incorporated in the regiment of Vermandois and the grenadiers to the Grenadiers de France

And this was probably the uniform in the later 1740s:


  1. Another interesting French banner!

    1. Thnaks, Jon. :-) Yes, I do love these French flags...

      All the best,


  2. Another stunning set of flags AND a surprisingly (given the era) practical uniform.

    Kind Regards,


    1. Thanks, Stokes. :-) Yes, I confess I do like the French uniforms of this period. How much more practical and capacious they were, too, than the skimpy Prussian uniforms.

      All the best,


  3. Very nice David, for more wonderful fags and uniform.


    1. Thanks, Willz. :-) Many more to come, I hope, as always...

      All the best,



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