Monday, 21 November 2022

Flags of French Regiment Hainault 1684-1762

I'm still working on the Austrian flags so here are some more French flags to keep things ticking over.

First raised by Louis XIV 1684. 2 battalions strong in the Seven Years War and ranked 73rd.

Service and actions (from Susane Volume 8):

1690: With the Army of the Alps and at the battle of Staffarde.
1691: Conquest of Nice and Savoy
1693: Army of Flanders and siege of Charleroi
1695: Defence of Namur; the colonel killed
Served in Flanders up to the peace

1702: Army of the Rhine and battle of Friedlingen
1703: Siege of Kehl
Sent to the Cévennes and fought against the Camisards to 1705
1705: Crossed the Alps and at the taking of Nice
1706: Siege of Turin
1707-9: Army of Spain
1710: Army of Flanders
1712: Battle of Denain

1712-1718 Demolition of the fortifications of Dunkirk
1727: Camp of the Meuse

1733: Occupation of Lorraine
1734: Siege of Philisbourg

1742: Army of Flanders
1743: Army of the Lower Rhine and battle of Dettingen
1744: Army of Flanders
1745: Siege of Tournai and battle of Fontenoy; colonel killed at Fontenoy
1746: Sieges of Brussels and Mons and battle of Rocoux
1747: Conquest of Dutch Flanders; battle of Lauffeld; siege of Bergen op Zoom
1748: Siege of Maastricht

1756: Expedition to Minorca
1757-1762: Served on the coasts of France
1762: Disbanded 25th November

And this was the uniform in 1756:


  1. Nice one! This regiment saw lots off action in WAS but not so much in SYW.

    1. Thanks, Jon. :-) Yes, pretty active from its beginnings to the WAS but a bit sidelined in the SYW. Perhaps the troops were grateful! ;-)

      All the best,


  2. That is a very striking flag for sure. I like the alternating colour patterns which just add a subtle difference to the design. As always keep up the good work:).

    1. Thanks, Steve. :-) Yes, it has a bit of that dazzle paint look too. Yes, I shall flog on as always!

      All the best,


  3. Very smart looking flags and uniform, cheers David.


    1. Thank you, Willz. :-) Did I mention I do love the French flags? ;-)

      All the best,



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