Wednesday 1 August 2007

Trunkenbold Freikorps

The staff artist with the Tippelbruder Allgemeine Zeitung has produced this drawing of the uniforms of the Trunkenbold Freikorps, so that all citizens meeting them in the woods or the local alehouses can recognise them and make them welcome with friendly words and offers of food and drink.

P.S. Lock up your daughters...


  1. If you like, we can provide some troops as well.

    -- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein
    for Furst Bruno von Ursa

  2. The General Council of Tippelbruder are most grateful for the offer and would be pleased to hear further details by your speediest courier.

    Max Osterling, Secretary to the Council.

  3. You can count on some aid from the Soweiter League, too. (Vile Stagonians!)

  4. Hesse-Engelburg also offers the services of a squadron of hussars and two musketeer companies from the Garde du Corps Prinzessin Gertrude, as well as a company of the Jager Regiment von Behler to act as scouts in the surrounding area. This force will operate under the command of Captain Wilhelm Streicker of the General Staff, who will lend his own experience to drill your militia as well if desired.

    In addition, Corporal Sontag, prize-winning marksman of the von Platzen Grenadiers, has volunteered to conduct musketry training for your militia.

  5. Glorious!

    Best Regards,

    Stokes Schwartz

  6. The Citizens of Tippelbruder are most grateful for the offer of help from the Soweiter League. Please send details by your fastest courier of the aid which you will be able to give viz. numbers of men and when they will be able to march.

    Max Osterling, Secretary to the General Council of Tippelbruder.

  7. The Citizens of Tippelbruder are most grateful to Hesse-Engelburg for the offer of troops to assist in this time of crisis. Please inform us when they will be able to march and their likely time of arrival in the vicinity of Tippelbruder.

    Our militia are training by day and night but are very much in need of experienced officers to guide and train them so we are very pleased to accept the offer of the services of Captain Streicker and Corporal Sontag. It has been so many years since Tippelbruder faced danger of this magnitude that we are quite unprepared. Even as I write our archivists are attempting to find useful maps of the locality, and food, drink and weapons are being stockpiled in the town in case of siege. The town coffers are being emptied at an alarming rate!

    Does anyone have intelligence of the forces available to Stagonia for an enterprise such as this and how long it might be before they could march on the town?

    Max Osterling, Secretary to the General Council of Tippelbruder.


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